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These premium cedar arrows have white Classic index nocks, walnut stain and clear lacquer dip. They are crested and fletched with three 5" shield cut left wing helical feathers. Spined in 5# increments from 30# to 80#. Arrows are full length uncut. Your choice of white or traditional barred cock feather. Arrows with barred cock feather have 2 white hen feathers. Arrows with white cock feather have either yellow, red or orange hen feathers. We can cut and taper for points and or install points and broadheads, check options below. Sold by the dozen.
IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE NOTE: If you want us to mount your field points or broadheads you have to add them to your order. The fee for mounting points listed in the drop-down box does not include the price of the points themselves. Points and/or broadheads must be ordered separately and added to your order as a separate item.
Start at: $83.99
Color of Cock Feather
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28.5 - 31"
Mount Pts/Bheads

If you have special requests, please leave a message in the "message box" located above for point installation instructions.

Sorry, no returns on arrows that have been cut to length.

Shaft diameters may vary according to spine 30-35 and 35-40 are 5/16" dia, 40-45 through 65-70 are 11/32" dia. and 70+ are 23/64 dia.
              FLU FLU ARROW per 1/2 doz.
Premium cedar flu-flu arrows have white classic index nocks, walnut stain, cresting, and a clear lacquer dip. They are fletched with four 4 1/2" high uncut bright colored feathers. spine matched in 5# increments from 30 to 65lbs. Flu-flu's are full length uncut.sold per 1/2 doz.$45.99

Twister Flu-Flu Arrow

Whether thumpin' small game or birds of feather, the NEW Twister Flu-Flu arrows provide the consistency and strength to deliver shot after shot, thanks to Gold Tips Smart Carbon technology. With its specially twisted feather fletching coupled with its small diameter, the Twister is the new standard in high performance Flu-Flu arrow, now available in 3 sizes to meet the needs of a full range of hunters. Whether shooting aerial targets, hunting birds or small game, the Twister Flu-Flu will help "put"em down and still be found." Available in spines of: 500 (7.6 gpi.), 400 (9.5 gpi.) and 300 (10.4 gpi.) Comes with insert installed at 31½" BOP. Nock and fletch colors may vary. Sold per each. $12.99
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See Larger Image  Pre-Finished Wood Shafts

Build custom arrows and save on time! This takes all of the hard work out of wood arrow building by staining each premium wood shaft a rich American Walnut, seal them with Gasket Lacquer, and crest them in distinct "hunter arrow" cresting for the perfect look. Made from premium wood and hand spined for durability and top performance on the range or in the woods. Nock end is precision tapered to 11° to accept glue-on arrow nocks. Stock length of 32". Sold by the dozen only.

Our pre-finished wood shafts just need the following to be ready to shoot:
  • 1. Nocks mounted - Match the nocks to the diameter of the shaft
  • 2. Fletched - The part that makes your arrows Unique!
  • 3. Cut to length - measure from valley of nock to back of point (start of point taper)
  • 4. Taper the point end - using a taper tool to 5° angle
  • 5. Points mounted - Match the points to the diameter of the shaft
  • $49.99
    Spine Wgt.

    Legacy Shafting with inserts (per 1/2 doz.)

    These are Easton Arrows exclusive wood grain shafts with inserts icluded.
    1916 Max. arrow length 31"
    2016 Max. arrow length 32"
    2018 Max. arrow length 33"
    2020 Max. arrow length 33"
    2117 Max. arrow length 33.50"
    2216 Max. arrow length 34"
    2219 Max. arrow length 34.25"
    Choose Shaft size when ordering. Sold per 1/2 doz.
    Nocks and Points sold seperately, inserts included.$39.99

    Port Orford Cedar Wood Shafts
    Premium Cedar Shafting (Electronically Spined)    

    Premium Cedar shafting at our low price. These electronically spined shafts are of the finest quality premium Port Orford cedar shafting available.
    spined in 5 pound increments from
     30 to 45Lbs. in 5/16" and 40 to 75 Lbs. in 11/32". @ 32" long. Starting at $39.99
    Package Count
    Spine Wgt.

    Premium Cedar Shafting (Hand Spined & Weighed)

    Premium Cedar shafting. These Hand spined shafts are of the finest quality premium Port Orford
    cedar shafting available. Hand spined in 5# increments and grain weighted to +/- 5 grains.
    : 5/16": 30 to 40 Lbs.  11/32": 45 to 75 Lbs. @ 32 inches long $44.50.
    Package Count
    Spine Wgt.