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from the Barrie Archery family

We have primitive bows of Osage, Hickory and many other woods, Plus bamboo backed bows of ipe, hickory and more available. watch for our new line of traditional recurves and longbows.

our bows are hand made one at a time there for they are all unique and no two are identical and check for availability and delivery time. Questions or for a custom build bow email us:

By Barrie Buck Styx
All selfbows will look different depending on the stave it is made from. Selfbows can be straightened some if requested, their will be an additional fee for straightening.    custom orders can be made with an up charge. These primitive bows are of the best quality workmanship you won't go wrong with our primitive bows because of our experience. selfbows come in the following draw weights 30, 40, 50, 55, 60#@26" available woods Osage, Hickory, Hackberry and blacklocust. others available upon request and availability. bow length will be 68" unless other wise specified.
Delivery may vary depending on availability.
                                 item # 21020
Wood type / style
draw weight
L.H or R.H / bow length

2pc Takedown selfbow              
  Primitive bow (selfbow ) with 2pc machined sleeves perfect for travel even back packing trips. comes with continuous string. Other woods maybe available upon request.This primitive bow is perfect for the hunter that travels. It is the primitive bow that can be put in your back pack or luggage. specify med D, Large D or small oval handle for 2pc under bow length. med D is the default handle.

                                                                 Primitive Buffalo hunt video

By Barrie bows

               These primitive bows are made of beautiful ipe wood and bamboo backed. These primitive bows shoot consistant and quick perfect for both target and Hunting applications. These are very fast accurate primitive bows. They come with a flemish string. These bows are also hand made and not manufactured. Choose from pistol grip style handle or flat american flatbow style handle. choose from 64, 66, 68" long and choose from  40,50,55 &60# @ 26" L.H or R.H w/  leather handle 

Draw Weight
Bow Length
choose RH or LH
flat or pistol grip handle


      Taken With Bamboo backed Ipe Longbow        
By MB bows


HICKABOO These are 68" Bamboo backed Hickory Primitive bows, available in a straight longbow or  reflex/deflex design. These are easy to shoot and will work fine for hunting and target shooting. Choose from
add on shelf or cut in shelf. Available 40,50, 55, 60# @ 26"  L.H or R.H
Bow Style
draw weight
shelf style


                              Reflex/Deflex pictured - Arrowhead,string silencers and feather not included with bow                                                                                                  Item # 21030                                   
Youth Selfbow
Our youth selfbows are made from a premium straight piece of Hickory.
These are reliable fun to shoot bows. call for special orders or wood choice.
249.00 ea.
poundage @ 22"
choose L.H or R.H.